North Carolina

Placement Services

Struggling to find top talent to fill a direct placement?

Hiring qualified professionals for permanent positions can be challenging, as it needs finding the candidate who is technically efficient and has a convincing ability to mold as per the requirement. Partnering with Genesiswise would help to reduce the tediousness involved in permanent placements. We closely comprehend your business process and culture to find the ideal fit for your organization.

We have resource to our extensive database of IT professionals from where we filter the candidates possessing excellent analytical and interpersonal skills. Our recruiters have a deep understanding of the prerequisites in terms of how to attract and retain the best talents favourable for a range of positions.

A series of methodical screening processes including personal interviews and written assessment tests are involved to find the apt talent. An efficient verification with respect to certifications, education, experience etc. keeps off the related risks and promises optimum quality.