Many companies have implemented application servers in order to maximize their e-business processes. In order to effectively maximize the opportunities presented by application servers, companies need well-trained, highly skilled professionals to design, deploy, and manage these systems. Genesiswise,Inc consultants are skilled in many of the leading application server technologies including BEA Web logic, IBM Web Sphere, Microsoft .NET, Iona Technologies Orbix E2A Application Server Platform, Object Ware Idea Blade, Progress Software App Server, SAP Net Weaver, Sun ONE Application Server (formerly I Planet), Versata Logic Suite, and Lotus Notes among others.


Genesiswise, Inc Business Consultants help our clients design, deploy, and manage their ERP implementation. They have the skills and proficiency to help our clients maximize their resource utilization and offer consulting in business process analysis, business process re-engineering, information system strategies, hardware requirement analysis, applications consulting and training. ERP systems are comprehensive and need to be managed by professionals who understand the scope and breadth of the systems.Genesiswise, Inc Business Consultants have deployed SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle and other ERP or IT systems at companies in vertical markets such as banking, financial services, retail, transportation, and manufacturing. Our consultants are skilled and proficient on all aspects of ERP systems including financials, human resource management systems (HRMS), supply chain management (SCM), manufacturing, and business intelligence. Genesiswise, Inc Business Consultants have designed, deployed, and managed many data systems, which are critical for the ERP system to function optimally.


Applications that do not work in production can cost companies millions of dollars. Imagine how many potential customers would leave a web site if the links did not work properly. Sound quality assurance programs utilizing high-quality testing tools are required to ensure customer satisfaction.

GENESISWISE, Inc delivers a wide range of quality assurance and automated testing services featuring tools from major vendors including functional testing tools and scripting languages with tools such as QARun from Compuware, WinRunner from Mercury Interactive and Visual Test from Rational Software (IBM). Load testing tools and associated scripting languages on tools such as LoadRunner from Mercury Interactive, QALoad from Compuware, Webload from Radview Software and others.

GENESISWISE, Inc Business Consultants are also skilled at managing the testing process with test data management tools such as File-Aid from Compuware for test data generation, extraction, and comparison and TestBytes from Mercury Interactive; and whitebox testing tools such as NuMega DevPartner for checking code complexity, code coverage, and memory leaks.


Companies need to ensure that disparate systems can talk to each other. As mergers, consolidations, and globalization continue to increase, companies have many different systems to integrate. The need for IT professionals who understand middleware, the glue that binds different systems together, is paramount. Genesiswise, Inc Business Consultants are skilled in many middleware and associated networking technologies including BEA Web Logic, Web Methods, COM, DCOM, COM++, CORBA, EJB, Microsoft .Net, J2EE, Java, XML, CORBA, Novell Netware and IBM Web sphere.