North Carolina


The Offshore Advantages service offered by Genesiswise Inc provides maximum efficiency and control over all issues related to developing applications or modules of your products.

Genesiswise Inc allocates a team of experts, which are totally controlled by the client during the project. In this way the client has a team of experts and reports at its fingertips for the entire duration of the project.

This contact is now easily accomplished with an Internet application that enables the customer to be in permanent control. Our customers have direct access via the Internet, to all the information about the development of the project including statistics and reports.

Genesiswise Inc's quality management focuses on the customer's critical quality requirements. Genesiswise Inc's methodologies and processes are flexible and can be adapted to suit specific project requirements without compromising on the features of ISO 9001 processes. The result is that customer project managers do not undergo the trouble of trying to incorporate external quality standards. At the same time they are ensured that the work product delivered will be of the highest quality.

Genesiswise Inc's quality management incorporates best practices through well-defined processes and focused cross-functional councils such as the technology council. This ensures consistent measurement of the quality of the product, the project and the engagement.

Genesiswise is proud to be a visionary company with the newest cutting edge technologies in Internet/Intranet, E-commerce, and Wireless software development. Our professional staff is one step ahead when it comes to using new technologies and developing their competences.